2015-06-03 Akiko- NULL/nullptr replacing done development
2015-06-01 Akiko- switched to new time functions
2015-06-01 Akiko- new time functions are done
2015-06-01 Akiko- started time handling function
2015-06-01 Akiko- NULL/nullptr round for Common
2015-05-20 Akiko- kicked Boost dependency
2015-05-19 Akiko- renamed a missed file (including buildsystem update)
2015-05-19 Akiko- fixed fprint parameters
2015-05-19 Akiko- fixed several self assignments
2015-05-19 Akiko- supermassive buildsystem restructure, includes restru...
2015-05-17 Akiko- just some buildsystem cleanups and include fixes
2015-05-17 Akiko- initial commit of Akios cmake branch (svn r162),... tinns-cmake
2015-05-17 Akiko- initial commit old TinNS (the gmake version) tinns-gmake